Integrating the “Entertainment” Part

Ah! So you have “Hardy” up and running now.So how to make it play most audio/video formats it doesn’t play by default ? Here’s how it is done:

  • One of the easiest way is : When you try to play a particular non-free format, the player would ask you whether to search for the particular decoder in the net.Allow it to and it will download the needy files for that format.Well, you need to repeat this in 2-3 different file formats for downloading the complete stuff.
  • Second method is to add the “Medibuntu” repositories and installing the necessary codecs.A detailed description of how it’s done is found here :

  • Or Type  “sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras” in the terminal.After entering the password for the root user, the needed codecs will get install after being downloaded.
  • Other way would be to select manually the needed codecs and install it using Synaptic which would be difficult for the newbies.Typically, the libdvdcss,gstreamer*,w32codecs/w64codecs packages.
  • For offline installation : Check out for the list of packages.Download the respective *.deb files and just double click them to install them.YOU NEED TO DOWNLOAD THE PACKAGES ALONG WITH THEIR DEPENDENCIES TO INSTALL THEM.
  • Or get a Ubuntu-Hardy DVD, It has all the packages you need.

Happy Rock n’ Roll ! If you need more help, mail me here


~ by toolweb on May 9, 2008.

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