So the Codecs are Up ! Now for the applications …

Hi there everyone ! Well , I found a couple of killer-apps to make up your boring day …

  1. First is the “Listen” music player for all ye GNOME fans.This one lives upto expectations (but I personally prefer amaroK). Some of the features of “Listen” are :
    • Interface : A neat and organized display of the library with on.You can find any song you want with the on-the-fly search if you can’t find directly.

    Listen Music Player

    • Lyrics : Here I must say I am impressed.Unlike others, this one actually works and to my astonishment, Lyrics for TAMIL SONGS are also available.Wow! The Lyrics are fetched from 2 lyrics servers.
    • Wikipedia : It Displays the Wiki page of the artist of the currently playing media.
    • Other features include the Dynamic playlist like amaroK, Podcast management, and more.

    To download “Listen” for Gnome , either select the “listen” package in synaptic or Click here to visit “listen” project website.

  2. “SMPlayer” – Video playback for GNOME : Can’t review much as I didn’t get to use it much.But in general, felt it had more features than VLC media player.Use it to find out and please write back !


To download SMPlayer, check the corresponding package in synaptic (as usual) or Click here to visit SMPlayer project website.


~ by toolweb on May 9, 2008.

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