Ubuntu 8.04 : Hardy Heron

Ok , So I will start my first post about the April’08 Release of Ubuntu, The “Hardy Heron”.

Hardy Heron Logo

The Installation is as easy as it could get requiring the most minimal inputs from the user. A detailed description of the process with screen-shots is available here :


Some general things I would like to tell :

  • You can’t have more than 4 primary partitions in the hard-disk ( including your windows partitions ).
  • If you choose “Manual Partitioning” , One general method is to create 3 partitions :
  1. One ‘swap’ partition , usually twice the size of the physical RAM of your box.
  2. One partition for ‘/’ , which houses most of the OS files and drivers.
  3. One partition for ‘/home’ which houses all the user’s files.
  • If you are new to Linux , Leave the “Bootloader” part of the installation in their default values.Don’t you would not face any problems dual-booting with Windows in this configuration.
  • You can always re-configure the boot-loader(GRUB) to your needs e.g: Making “Windows” to load by default, changing the time-out setting, etc.

~ by toolweb on May 9, 2008.

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