IV Sem Results !

Unfortunately for me Barman called me up to tell that the results were to be announced today while I was planning to spend the entire day at Gundus house along with Manjo and Abi.Well the plan was screwed up as it usually does (no surprises here).

Was checking the college site from 2pm (though the site says the results will be up only by 7pm, they usually announce the results earlier , for everything else you gotcha wait, wait and wait).No luck so turned up watching 5-6 DbZ episodes.Finally,at around 5pm the results were out and think this time luck favoured me and got a decent 9.3 GPA.Though the grades were interchanged in OS and DBMS than what I expected, Finally they all added up well.Didn’t have the courage to scroll throught others grades so I just closed the browser and continued to do what I do exceptionally well, sleep. 🙂

Didn’t get a chance to convey the grades to my brother yet (Actually the grades reach my dad and him before they actually reach me in these three semester this being an exception! ) who seems very busy these days.


~ by toolweb on May 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “IV Sem Results !”

  1. Barman ???

  2. Barman was my I yr room-mate..Raja Varman-a Barman aakiyachu 🙂

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