Setting up your A2DP enabled Bluetooth headset to work with Linux

I have a Jabra BT620s which my brother bought for me, its quiet a good headset as long as I was using it with Vista and my phone.In Ubuntu though the headset appeared in the detected bluetooth device list when i scanned, I has no clue how to use it until yesterday.

Yes, yesterday think luck was in my favor.When I searched for “jabra and linux” in google, I got what I needed within the first few links.

Updated Instructions @

So heres how its done (procedure I followed from FOSSwire and :

  1. Install the BlueZ-Utils package from Synaptic Package Manager.
  2. Click here to download the script which automatically configure things for you.
  3. Change the permission of the file to make it executable :
  4. $ chmod +x

  5. And then run the file :
  6. $ ./

  7. Switch on your Bluetooth adapter and put your Bluetooth Headset device in pairing mode.
  8. Then Press Enter to continue the execution of the script.Copy (Select text and Shift+Ctrl+C to copy) the address it displays, for me it was 00:13:17:70:C8:48 .
  9. In case your device is not shown here, Try using the “Browse Device” of the “Bluetooth Manager” in Hardy which appears in the notification area when you switch on your bluetooth adapter.Double-click the device and it would give out an error message of which the address is also a part. ( Very crude but it works! )
  10. Or type the following in the terminal :
  11. $ hcitool scan

  12. After you paste the address and proceed, The script would configure it for you.
  13. Now logout and login.
  14. Now in the terminal, type :
  15. $ chmod +x ~/.a2dp/
    $ ~/.a2dp/

  16. Now the output should switch to Headset.Execute the script again to switch back to speaker output.
  17. Without any changes, The Totem Player works like breeze with the headset.
  18. Didn’t get my Listen/Banshee working with it yet.Will post it as soon as I get it done.
  19. You can create a custom launcher in the panel to do the switching easily.Add a custom launcher with the following properties : where change ‘toolweb‘ to the ‘username‘ in which you executed the procedure.

Settings for switching Audio

Check out these pages for more info :


~ by toolweb on May 13, 2008.

9 Responses to “Setting up your A2DP enabled Bluetooth headset to work with Linux”

  1. Thanks! Your post comes up quite high on Google and I managed to get my headphones working this way.

    … Ami.

  2. @Ami, Hey Cgts u got it working and its good to hear some feedback..

  3. Hi,
    This is really very useful info in A2DP.
    IS there any other docs on A2DP in Linux.
    Thanks & Regards,

  4. @Sumeet
    Hey Sumeet, Check out the Sites Mentioned “More Info” in the post. Theres extensive info available there.And thanks for the word of praise.

  5. try to modify adding these lines:

    gconftool –type string –set /system/gstreamer/0.10/default/audiosink “alsasink device=bluetooth”

    gconftool –type string –set /system/gstreamer/0.10/default/audiosink “autoaudiosink”

    in if and else section respectively. It should help in certain cases.

  6. Your Mini Howto was exactly what I needed. Thanks Very Much.

    Computer: EEE PC 1000H / Ubuntu EEE
    Headset: Motorola S9

  7. Thx very much, only between 11 and 12 step i don’t think there should be in this line : $ cd ~/.a2dp/, “cd” – only $~/.a2dp/

  8. Good, but the quality of sound is a bit poor (phone like)

    I use an eeepc with eeebuntu 3.0 and a jabra bt3030

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