Increasing your torrents download speeds !!!

I am writing this post once again from scratch due to i-dont-know-what-happened that made me end up in a blank post when I switched from full screen to normal view during posting.

Ok heres stuff that could really increase your torrent speeds.

I will be speaking w.r.t the following configuration: Ubuntu:Hardy,Transmission Client,Huawei Quidway 1003A DSL router,BSNL DataOne Broadband connection as thats what I have at my home.

Focus : Allowing an incoming port to your torrent client

  1. First of all check to see if you do have a NAT problem or not.If you don’t, this part is not for you.
    • In Transmission, Goto Edit>Preferences and see in the “Network” section whether the port is open or closed.If open, then skip this post else proceed to second step.Enter a port address between 10000 and 60000 in the box.
    • Port Closed Screenshot

    • In BitTorrent, see the bottom status bar for a exclamation mark within a yellow triangle (caution symbol).Keeping your cursor over it will say “There seems to be a NAT problem….”.Then am sure this post will increase your torrent speeds.
    • If you see a tick mark within a green circle instead which says “Your network connection is working as it should”.Then this post is not for you.Sorry.
  2. First, take a note of your current network settings.Type :
  3. $ ifconfig > myconfig

  4. Now, First step is to setup a Static Internal IP for your machine.
    • For this, you will need to know the DNS of your ISP.You can either call your local ISP center to find out this or search it in the net.For me, the former option is out-of-question as judging from the “technical” people my local center sends to my home for problems regarding my broadband, I dare say they don’t have a clue what an DNS is.
    • For BSNL, it is and so on till (I think!).Select two best nameservers for you.For me, ( and ( Ia ) these IPs
    • I am sorry I have done this the GUI way.Left-click the “Network Manager” in the notification area and select “Manual Configuration”.
    • Click “Unlock” and enter the root password to make the settings editable.
    • Click the Interface you use to connect to Internet and click “Properties”
    • In that, Un-Check the “Roaming enabled” box and enter the following:
    • Configuration : Static IP
      IP Address : If your previous IP address is 192.168.1.x , Enter for first computer, for the next and so on.If previous IP was 192.168.0.x then and so on.
      Subnet Mask : Same as old configuration
      Default Gateway : Same as old configuration

      Click “OK”.

    • Now click the “DNS” tab and enter the two IP addresses selected (Name server IPs from Note( Ia ) )
    • Then, Select the “Save current configuration” and give a name for it.
    • Network Settings - Save Settings

    • Then close the Network Manager, Open and unlock it once again and select the configuration you saved and click the tick button (“Apply location as current settings”)
  5. Now for the Router Part
    • Pointer your browser to the default gateway address (In my case,
    • Enter the admin username and password
    • Goto Setup>DHCP Configuration and enter things below modifying according to your needs.
    • HUAWEI Setup - DHCP Conf

    • Then Tools>System Commands>Save All
    • Then click Restart
    • Now,After the restart re-login again to router settings and goto Advanced>Port Forwarding
    • If computer I ‘s static IP is and the in torrent program for it you entered port XXXXX, Select that from the “LAN IP” drop-down box and Select “User” and then click “New”
    • Huawei Setup - Port Forwarding

    • Enter the XXXXX in the “Port Start”, “Port End” and “Port Map” (See below)
    • HUAWEI - New Port Conf

    • Click “Apply” and Select the torrent rule and Click “Add” to make it goto the “Applied Rules” List
    • Do this for all port you need to configure for each computer in the network and click “Apply” and then Tools>System Commands>Save All and then “Restart”.
  6. Now you will note that when you open the program you will see the port is open.
  7. Transmission - Port Open

  8. Happy faster torrent speeds.
  9. These settings get reset pretty often after inactivity or reboot.Do this to avoid that :
  10. $ sudo cp /etc/resolv.conf /etc/resolv.conf.backup

    $ sudo gedit /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf

    Now replace the line #prepend domain-name-servers;

    with prepend domain-name-servers ip-of-dns1,ip-of-dns2;

    eg: prepend domain-name-servers,;

    Be sure that you have removed the “#” from the line.

  11. Reboot now and the setting should not change unless you want it to.

If I missed any step in this post, do tell me as I might have cause I wrote this post frustrated (curse WordPress for it) .Or if you can find an option as I described mail me.

Further Reading :

Theres another advantage in setting up an Static IP, Hosting your own webserver.Yeap, thats my next topic.


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5 Responses to “Increasing your torrents download speeds !!!”

  1. This one will be useful, i hope.. but good job dude..

  2. i don’t know if this applies only in the United Arab Emirates, but u don’t have to change the DNS server preference here.
    and another router specific remark: most popular router software can frame rules for multiple IP addresses… in DLink for example, u can frame a rule that will open a particular port to incoming signals to any computer in the LAN.

    works well though 🙂


  3. @hari
    I don’t know abt the connections in UAE but the BSNL here is a real prob and setting a DNS which is near manually speeds browsing for me.And about the router remark the router I use dont have that option da.Anyways tx for the info.

  4. Sorry to be such a newb. 1: If i do the process above will i be more susceptible to hackers and such? 2: I am using little snitch on my mac side to keep CERTAIN programs from “snitching” What/how does running lil snitch impact the port forwarding…just a side note my rules in little snitch “direct” or “tell” which port to use and port 80 is used frequently. Once in transmission, from the settings menu it shows port 80 as closed. Don’t know why or if it is a big deal
    Help understanding this would be much appreciated.

  5. @sambot420
    Hi ther,
    1. “will i be more susceptible” -> MORE yes, but unless u r running something ultra private and secure, it means nothing I guess.
    2. And port 80 may be closed in transmission due to ur little snitch firewall. To check whether an port is open for the outside world to connect TO ur computer try this :

    If you are using a firewall, you must allow or create rules to allow both inbound and outbound connections in a CERTAIN port to make use of the above post.

    If things are more clouded, pls comment back…

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