Clipperz : Online/Offline wallet management

Ah alas, something to prevent me from storing my credentials as drafts.

I had a crude practice of storing the usernamer, passwords of various accounts in gmail as drafts.Well, I came across this cool manager “ClipperZ”.

Notable Features :

  • Direct Link : If the account is in some kinda online service like,, and most of the service you “login” to then you can have these direct link help you.Just configure it once and no more typings required, you are automatically signed-in (not just the details being filled in).It work for most except for some site where the login and registration form is in the same page.
  • Storing any info : For those that does not fit in the previous, you can have a store it by creating custom fields.
  • Easy creation of such items, just click a Clipperz bookmark (which you have to drag to ur bookmark toolbar for first time) copy the code it displays and paste it in the Clipperz and your direct link is ready.
  • Clipperz Compact : A sidebar which displays all the direct links you have in your account.This bar also has a “Auto Lock” facility that locks itself when its not used for a short period of time.Really useful.You don’t want people to just click-n-browse your private item do you.
  • Ease of use
  • Has offline managet with restriction that you cant add extra items than what you had when you exported it offline, so just export the offline manager each time you add more items.

Its use requires no tutorials…so just try ClipperZ

One thing : don’t try signing to the sidebar and the main page simulatnously, I can have only one of them at a time (dont know why).


~ by toolweb on May 16, 2008.

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