Making your home pc as a web-server (Pointer alone, not a detailed tutorial)

Dedicated to those enthusiasts out there who want to host a website from home completely free.

  • If you already have a registered domain well and good, for others if you want free domains of the form then go here and register yourself a domain.Though I believe what they offer is not a “true” top-level domain, this is the best available now.

Free Domain

  • So now the domain is ready, next goto and register an free account for you.
  • Then go here and enter your domain name in “Add new domain” and static external IP user click “>>(basic)” button and as far the rest of you make the “Make domain dynamic” radio button active and then click “>> (advanced)”.
  • Now goto your account and for the domain click “Manage DNS” and enter,,, as nameservers there.
  • Now use Apache or IIS to host your website locally in your PC.Configure your router to allow incoming connections on port 80, the have explicitly named that option as “Web servers” in Port forwarding so no worries in setting up.Dont forget to save the modified settings.See past post to navigate to “Port Forwarding” in case you find it difficult.
  • For static external IP users all is set just wait around to see your domain load up.
  • CAUTION : If you point to the domain in your pc or any other pc in your local network it will load up the router admin page.This does not mean you have done something wrong in setting up.
  • For dynamic external IP users, you have to update your current IP to each time it changes and they provide a automatic client for windows and a perl script for us guys.Click here to get to the client :
  • My suggestion : If you have a slow PC at your home with a limited bandwidth broadband dont try this.Just learn.

~ by toolweb on May 17, 2008.

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