Reset without corrupting the filesystem

Wish there was somethin like this for windows which crashes often for me for no reason.

Well GNU/Linux users be happy this stuff is for you :

If your system hangs up (believe me GNU/Linux does freeze sometimes esp while I try to watch movies from my good-fer-nothin scratched DVD) try this key combination to get your box restarted (soft reset) :

Alt + PrtSc/SysRq Key + R + E + I + S + U + B

Press the Alt+SysRq throughout the process and take a sec gap between pressing other keys.

And still more interestingly here a description of what is happening when you press these keys :

R – Raw – Take control of keyboard back from GUI

E – Terminate – Send the TERM signal to all process for them to safely exit

I – Kill – For those who protest to stay alive make them terminate by force (Sends KILL signal)

S – Sync – Dump data to disk

U – Unmount – Unmount filesystem

B – Reboot – What we need!!

This requires CONFIG_MAGIC_SYSRQ to be enable during kernel compilation but don’t worry I think its enabled by default 🙂


~ by toolweb on May 20, 2008.

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