GNU/Linux on a 192MB RAM P3 Box

I wanted to try out RTAI and its differences from the ordinary one [for Bhagath actually – The man(second one, first being Surendran ana about whom I will tell later and before that myself during XI 🙂 ) who re-kindled my craze for Linux and its kind, a very good man].I didnt want to try that stuff on my lappy as I usually end up re-installating the whole thing again.So, I decided to try it out on my P3 box which I dont use for other than playing songs/movies and leaving it overnight to download something.

I tried Hardy being totally impressed by its performance in my Lap. Alas! It took about 45min to navigate through the menu alone and then it freezed.So then switched to Gutsy, To my amazement the install menu navigation was pretty much faster than in Hardy but then it too freezed when the installation started.And then searched the net for info on running some Ubuntu variant in my old box and found Xubuntu would fit my needs.Downloaded it from the site using Transmission (One thing fishy about this client is that it reports some 257.1MB failed download in my total download of around 551MB.I don’t know what this meant except that something was wrong).This one which I tried with confidence didn’t even allow me to enter to the menu (I have NO CLUE on why this happened).Then to Debian.It facilitated a text-mode installation and I couldn’t praise it enough.But this time due to some scratches in DVD, I couldnt get the GUI directly from the installer.I installed a basic base system via the installer and then installed the GNOME DE by using aptitude.The GUI loads up but is not as “perfect” as would be installed by the installer automatically.So now downloading Xubuntu Alternate CD (which uses a text-mode installer) and gonna try it tomorrow.If that too fails, am gonna complain about my situation to someone at Ubuntu.Meanwhile downloaded the stuff needed to start working on RTAI and everything is set ready to go except for the Linux distribution.Installing a new Linux distribution on a 192mb ram machine screwed one complete day of my hols.

And thx to SV for changing my mood from what happened yesterday night.


~ by toolweb on May 22, 2008.

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