GNU/Linux on a 192MB RAM P3 Box (continued)

I think I had over expected to run something like hardy on my machine.I successfully downloaded Xubuntu 8.04 alternate CD and installation was perfect to the core and when I restarted “GRUB loading stage 1.5 … GRUB Error 18”.After some googling found out that the old-BIOS was incapable of handling large disk capacity and blah blah blah (I could run it thats what it said in short).They said I had to create a /boot partition as first partition to make things work out but that cant be done as I already have my windows at the first two locations.Asked a few people for help and hope they would have some work-around to make things work without having to tamper my windows.I spoilt my Windows Bootloader in the process so I had to put my WinXP cd and goto rescue prompt and do a ‘fixmbr’ and ‘fixboot’ to make get my windows booting again.

One more day in vain ….


~ by toolweb on May 23, 2008.

3 Responses to “GNU/Linux on a 192MB RAM P3 Box (continued)”

  1. “When you lose something, You have lost it” Very true!!

  2. I have the same problem can you fix it

  3. Dear Jorn,
    Am not sure of the solutions (as I left trying on my old PC) but here are some of the solutions I found ( I haven’t personally tried any ) :
    1) ( First Post )
    2) ( Second Post )
    3) ( Super GRUB software : )

    If you solved it successfully, please ping back.

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