Who moved my cheese? – Dr. Spencer Johnson

My mama recommended this book to my when I was in B’lore for Nikhils Punnal as I spent significant amount of time reading novels while there (I had absolutely no idea what other I can do there than that). He recommended this one and another book by Suki Sivam (Something stirred my mind on hearing his name ! mm..I have developed a definitive hatred towards this guy since schooling – They read his countless “philosophies” from a couple of his books during prayer time.They start by saying these things would comfort the mind and blah blah blah (Ofcourse It would always comfort the teacher who reads these “considerable long” stories of his standing in the stage under the fan while we burn out in the sun and are left to be “caressed and comforted” by these stories.We used to play pranks during this time and some would voluntarily faint(and atleast a couple of us accompany and we take turns 🙂 ) to make them cut-short the stories and also for the joy of sitting in the shade during prayer time.Sweet!) .To respect his suggestion, I browsed through this book’s description and then started reading it.This one was very short and only 39 pages in total and those too was like reading Aesop’s fables.

The story runs around 4 characters: Two mice and Two little people (who think they are clevered than the mice) and their search for cheese and Cheese respectively.The difference being that Cheese as viewed by the little people were more valuable than cheese.Basically both represent our desires in life.On completion of the book, the one main thing that the book suggests is to “Adapt to Change”.Though formed by just 3 words while writing, I means much in life.It was comforting,really.

It says:

one of the few constants in life is change, and the sooner we learn to anticipate and adjust to change, the happier we’ll be.”

The feelings that I got from the book:

1.When you lose something (something/someone dear) and you know you can’t get it back, You have lost it (that’s it and that’s real).No more grieving over it.And learn to move over , Find new avenues that could keep you ON and going.This doesn’t mean you have to cut-off the person from your life it just means that you can’t change things just by digging around “How could this happen to me?”…, start over a new relationship with the same person (so easy to say difficult to follow).

2.When you lose something, then the urge for a better thing would surely make you work towards it and you will get that New Cheese if you do better.

3.Failure is an oppurtunity to start over, more intelligently. (Courtesy: Sign-boards around Neyveli)

The whole book took only about an hour to complete and It had pictures too!! (Ok, this part is childish but I have a preference of midly-illustrated ones over complete text versions).

Author: Spencer Johnson
Reviews from readers:

Mom has left for Erode to attend Kavitha’s Nichiyadartham and rendered alone in the house.Planned to refresh Python starting from this evening.Pakalam!


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