The best Ubuntu Look(s) I cud find (continued) – Leopard OSX Look

Another awesome Desktop I cud modify my Hardy was into a Leopard OSX view. See screenshot below and if you are a Apple lover then follow the roads and make your desktop absolutely stunning.

My Leopard Desktop 🙂

My Leopard-Like Desktop

I didn’t follow a single how-to fully and theres doesnt exist a “ultimate one” too as it depends on our own preferences.I provide you links to a list of how-tos based on my preference :

1. 90% from these two sites : How-to-Forge and Mac4Lin Project

Just download the 4 files listed at the Mac4Lin project and follow the attached documentation or from the How-to-Forge link given above.

2. Some from rockmanx

Single download file to achieve most things but Mac4Lin is still more accurate if you ask me.

3. Few other links : – To get my MagicLamp effect of Compiz Fusion – Whenever you get somewhere – To change your lovable Firebox into Safari ( I didn’t like the complete Safari look either so am in I stopped at a fusion of the two and didnt install the themes but for the the add-ons which were cute 🙂 ) – The developmental series of AWN

4. And with a little finishing touch with the screenlets described in earlier posts your desktop could be absolutely beautiful.

5. Some other thing(s) :

  • Change the “Bar Angle” of AWN to “-1” using GConf-Editor ( you can’t do it from AWN options ) to make the bar “curvy”.
  • If you want you can choose to have the semi-transparent ( like mine ) by using the panel properties.

~ by toolweb on June 11, 2008.

One Response to “The best Ubuntu Look(s) I cud find (continued) – Leopard OSX Look”

  1. Great Desktop!!!

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