My Past week – Last week (this hols)

  • At Chennai :
  • Night : T.Nagar with Amma,Mami,Akil and Karthi and Dinner at A2B.

    Morning : Citi-Centre/Lifestyle with Amma n Akil.

    Afternoon : Visit to Venkat’s new rented house at Adyar and Lunch with Him and Vyshakh there (his mothers special “yummy” preparation 🙂 )

    Evening : SathyamCinemas with Venkat and Vyshakh to see Indiana Jones and the Kindgom of Crystal Skull (Nothing great to say abt the film except for what we ate while watching it)

    Night : Spencers for a really “horrible” dinner (Please don’t go to Prashans Sangeetha@Food court unless you want to experience what am sayin) and ofcourse the ever-so-famous window shopping.We had to struggle for about an hour to decide on our bus routes and finally Vyshakh got the bus first and Venkat next and Me last butwe reached our homes in the reverse order 🙂 .

    Afternoon : Citicentre with Venkat (we walked for about 45min from my house at Mandaveli to get there but it wasn’t that tiring afterall cause if was all along the shore).Browsed books at Landmark and to our amazement we made our mind to buy a pair of books and fulfilled it and thus not making an additional count to the Window-shoppers count they have at Landmark (They have a counter to do this stuff) .

    Evening : Marina Beach with Venkat for some time-pass.We were turning the pages of the “Chennai Guide” book as though for an examination while the real cause was an “unsuccessful” search for the required bus route to get back home.Out of a dozen buses that came to the bus-stop we took the right “wrong” bus (all others would have got us atleast closer to our homes if not exactly) and got down in the middle and chose to walk again.

    Afternoon : Abirami “Mega” Mall (Please dont regard it even as a Mall, its better off called as Abirami “Market” accn to me) with Venkat.After a rigourous search in the “Chennai Guide” we found the bus route/bus stop and reached there ahead of our expected schedule.Roamed in Vain in the Complex for our “ill” fate of having chosen this piece of junk over Mayajal which was in the opposite direction.Had a chance to take look at SE W350a which he planned to buy in a couple of weeks (accn to him)/months (accn to his mom). And returned to my house and we bid farewell to each other ( We wont have any chance to meet in a year or so 😦 )

    Night : To Siva’s Akka’s Nichiyadartham (Betrothal).

    Evening : Marina Beach with Amma,Mami,Karthi,Akil.And Balloon shooting where Akil scored the max shots amongst us while I was wondering how she managed to lift the gun up.Bajjis, Ice creams and Drenching in the sea water. Bought a Helmet (which I had to wear in order to enter my college by a vehicle)

    Night : Ordered one Medium + one Small pizza @Domino for 500rs for the night which we couldnt eat and 1/4th of which I managed to sneak out and dispose off (though I confessed it later to my mom and got handsome lots of scoldings)

    Morning : Started to CMBT and boarded a SETC Kumbakonam, Got down at Neyveli Arch and picked up by Appa.

  • At Neyveli :

Enrolled in Elango Driving School for learning 4-wheeler (which I have no idea of learning from them, but we cant get a license here without going through a driving school)

RTO, Neyveli upto 3p.m the next day (from 9 a.m) for getting a pitiful piece of paper called “Learners License”

“Learn to Drive a Car” with Appa as guide. 4-5 rounds in our area during which I learnt 1st,2nd,3rd Gear (4th was prohibited by Appa until I get a license). Reverse Gear was the only thing missing.

Packed and sent off my Activa to Cbe and hoped it would reach there safely without much damage.

Gonna start for Coimbatore for a whole New (and tedious one I believe) 2morrow night (the 13th) with Appa.


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