Server 4rm Dept. – The IBM xServer r266

I made an “almost hopeless” attempt to request the server (which was kept IDLE as long as I remember from the date of joining the coll) for Opensource uses to my Tutor and it worked the other way around and she immediately called Padma Ka (our lab admin who helped me countless time and also fetched me an opportunity to taste my first (one-time) income) and told her to hand-over the server to me (ofcourse virtually.meaning I am the Admin)

I struggled to install a Ubuntu Server 8.04 in it as I was unaware of the servers configuration and gen-stuff about it.With some help from Ashok (a PG student in our dept) we succeeded in installing the distro and Voila! it booted into a text-mode screen which made me quite unhappy as I hate to work in a full-time CLI. We chose to install the GUI by typing :

$ sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop

and it showed a massive size to download. Download were restricted in our college but with the help of Ashok I was able to use a private IP and the download started and ETA was around 3hrs. I left to get my router from Srivi (@ G.Puram). Mind was totally with the server and so I left as fast I cud from G.Puram and hurried only to be disappointed ( The Private IP had been blocked 😦 ) and am still struggling to get a net connection to MY ( 🙂 ) server and probing the reason from the NMC they said I had to get a written permission from the Principal to do these kinda stuff ( **** *** ****.) , which am determined to obtain. Time shall say…

P.S : I still like my Sci.Comp Periods


~ by toolweb on June 25, 2008.

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