Ah Finally life’s stemming towards the light.

After making the life of our TataIndicom Agent troublesome for two weeks we finally got our connection installed. It came with a pitiful Billion (or Zillion? I don’t even remember its name) and the only thing that mattered was that it wouldn’t go smooth with my TrendNet router. After two days of configuration troubles with it, we managed to configure it properly just now and all 5 computers in our house are online simultaneously (though with some erratic disconnections). One thing I love about this connection is that I have a static external IP (:P).

I have joined RHCE coaching in MazeNetSolutions. Thought the course fee is a whooping 9k the staff is no better than “just-normal”. Even I could teach better and in more depth n’ concept than him. Two things I hate about my RHCE trainer : a) He has no involvement in teaching (atleast with regard to us – there’s a particular duo for whom he would take the same ABCD(not till Z-its too heavy for him) again and again and they would listen it as if its good as new – no offense here, just what I felt )

Updates from my coll :

I got permission from my tutor, our HOD, the AO, and the Principal ( still 2 more remaining !!) for having a direct IP and if goes things go this smoothly the server would get a direct IP after minor cross-questioning by the NMC (which they always do when someone want to improve things).

I successfully managed to bunk the C.D lab (again!) with permission and attendance( 🙂 ).

I am seriously thinking to improve the GNU/Linux wing I started.

Am not joining my class in their IV and waste 6k in a tour which am damn sure I won’t enjoy. Mom promised to take me elsewhere nice and already layouts for a Kodai trip is in place. Yippee!


~ by toolweb on July 4, 2008.

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