Group chat,conference in G!Mail / G!Talk – Party Chat

Though this is old, I like to post this as many ppl still don’t know this method. This method gets you to start a conference in G!Talk/G!Mail ( an similar feature already exists if you use the G!Talk Web applet ).

This procedure (except Step 2) must be done by everyone who wishes to start/involve in the conference/group chat.

  1. Add “” as your buddy. # can be replaced by any no. from 0-9.
  2. Login to G!Mail and start a chat with and type “/create roomname password” where roomname and optional password are some valid strings. ( This step by only one person )
  3. In the same chatbox type “/join roomname password” to join the chat room. ( Each person should do this individually )
  4. And Voila! your private chatroom is ready now.
  5. And while each one is leaving the conversation be sure to type “/exit” or else the messages sent after you leave will be received as offline messages.

Though you can chat/converse with G!Talk, the commands MUST be typed ONLY in the G!Mail Chatbox.


~ by toolweb on July 6, 2008.

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