Some more persona updates :

My A2DP Stereo bluetooth headset works out-of-the-box with Banshee 1.0. Now its compatibility with Ubuntu is greater than in Vista.

Today had a group converse with Venkat (The Ex-Neyvelian) and Gundus(in Pune now, “living in a co-ed hostel dude”- as quoted by him ) and we agreed to meet during the glorious Neyveli Book Fair.

My Brother lost the 26k worth DigiCam (in a theme park) which was lost n’ found one time already (while he was at Niagara Falls). Hes sure to get pot from me this time though he managed to somehow convince my parents (which I didnt expect).

Dad promised to get me an Apple IPhone 3G from Airtel when it gets released.

I got 5 signatures (one from my tutor, the HOD, AO, Principal, Head of NMC) already and still the permission letter to get me a direct IP for the OSS-Server needs 2 more signs 😦 .

We are thinking of using Google AdSense to increase the cash flow to conduct our dept’s technical symposium. If you are aware on how this procedure is done, do post below.


~ by toolweb on July 6, 2008.

One Response to “Some more persona updates :”

  1. Grammatical mistake(s) and unclear statements pointed out by Sharmi S. Nair
    Hard to believe someone from ma class is reading my scribblings 😛

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