GRE : Session I

So finally I have decided to dedicate significant amount of my time to incresing my vocabulary and here’s the essence of my first such session from “Word Power Made Easy”.

13th July, 2008 – Sunday

Ideas : Personality Types

1) egoist – “Me First!” – One who thinks about himself always and doesnt care about others.
2) egotist – “I Know Everything!” – One who boasts too much about himself.
3) altruist – “Is there any problem for you, I am ready to help ?” – One who cares for others and least for himself.
4) introvert – “Was she staring at me? / Would he take what I said wrongly?” – Person who is shy, prefers confinment, unsocial, lacks social integration,             but may be (or turn up to be) a genius.
5) extrovert – “Where’s the party?” – Full of life always and likes to be with a crowd always, Never worry about the effect of his actions.
6) ambivert – Fusion of the above two personality types. Behaves depending on the occasion. A normal person not being in both extremes.
7) misanthrope – “I hate people!” – People who hates everyone mortal in this world.
8 ) misogynist – “I hate women! They are cheats!” – One who hates women ( one who has been cheated/crossed/wounded by a woman sometime in the past )
9) misogamist – “I love the opposite sex but strictly no legal commitments.” – You prefer your opposite sex as lovers, room-mates, etc but not as a legal             spouse.
10) ascetic – “Self denial, austerity, lonely contemplation are my philosophies of life” – these will lead to spiritual perfection.

Origin of Words : Roots ego( Meaning ‘I’ ) and alter( Meaning ‘Others’)

1) egocentric – Extreme form of egoist. – Intolerable
2) egomaniac – Your desires and interests have become a morbid obsession, a mania. – Slightly Mad
3) altruism – philosophy followed by altruist.
4) altruistic – actions benefit others.
5) alternate – skip one and take the other.
6) alternative – void of choice.So take the other one.
7) alteration – make change to some other.
8 ) altercation – You and another person differ in a idea and have a ‘strong verbal quarrel’. – Heated argument.
9) alter ego – You two are so close that you do/act/and think the same way – He’s the other ‘you’


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