GRE : Session 2

17th July 2008, Thursday

Latin Words :

verto – to turn
intro – inwards
extro – outwards
ambi – both
dexter – right hand
sinister – left hand
asketes – monk

gauche ( french ) – left hand
droit ( french ) – right hand

English :

ambidextrous – able to use both hands with equal skill ( to use both hands as right hands )
dexterous – skilful ( Adjective -ous suffix )
dexterity – skill ( Noun -ity suffix )
sinister – threatening, evil and dangerous
gaucherie – tactless, awkward, embarrassing way of saying things/handling situations
anthropology – study of development of mankind
philanthropist – one who love mankind and renders financial/human service to those in need
gynaecologist – medical specialist who treats female disorders
polygamy – multiple marriages (polygyny)
polyandry – women having more than one husband
adroit – dexterous, skilful, quick-witted

Roots :

anthropos – mankind
gyne – woman
gamos – marriage
andros – man

Antonyms :

adroitness x gaucherie

Playing with suffixes :

-ist usually refers to a noun, person : misanthropist
-y refers to a practice, noun : misanthropy
-ity condition, noun : dexterity
-ic, -ous for adjectives : misanthropic, polygamous


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