Am back … But with a persona post :(

Its been a long time since the last post. But I have some interesting things to post about this time. Some of the things happen to be :

  • In and Around kruZade ’08 : The Department of Computer Science and Engineering, PSG College of technology is conducting a National-Level Technical Symposium, kruZade-’08 ( ) on the 25th and 26th of this September ( Thursday and Friday ). This event is going to set a standard atleast in the quality of events if not in the hospitality (as we are a bit(??) short of funds)

Am delighted to say that I am the one building its website and also the coordinator of the Online Hacking Event ( the first of its kind in PSG-CT ). The website will be up by the end of this week so please comment on its loophole if you find any asap.

We had a disagreement with our seniors (one specific group to be clear) and this event is going to be managed only by us (the ‘us’ here has more meaning than that meets the common eye) .

  • I have learnt a considerable stuff about hacking Website (atleast at specifically planted vulnerabilities) and soon to write about here.
  • Genuine Ideas are never recognized in our dept da” – Bharath Ana ( 02Z Batch ) . I could also feel what he meant by that. Seems like he spent time in vain too.
  • Google AdSense can’t be setup in the free blogs.
  • There was a boy who bunked every UML class till the fifth one (the teacher was unaware he bunked all prev classes) in which he was compelled to take a seminar on “UML Modelling : In Netbeans”. And he was addressing III yr CSE students stuff like this :
    1. Click “File” Menu. Then select “New Project” and “Platform Independent UML Model”
    2. To create a class, drag and drop its icon from the palette.

and things like this which was very purpose of the Netbeans GUI. The audience were like “Yeah! so what ?”. A complete planned embarrassment for him. That boy was none other than me 😦 .

  • A note to my tutor in case she reads this (which wouldnt happen) : I started disliking the openHPI project and also its mentor. I cant just write the test cases for that stuff ( I dont even have the patience to check my test papers once I finish them). Please give me something more *innovative*.
  • My fifth sem sucks to the core in view of my curriculum. A staff requires me to reproduce what he/she gave in class notes (which I refused to do even in my schooling) and the other valued papers based on the bulkiness of the paper and presentation alone and one other give trivially wrong answers for some questions ( NO questioning SHOULD be done ) . So my marks are terribly low this time and I didnt pick up the courage to disclose that to my parents (whom I guess would have already seen it in the net and waiting for me to reveal)
  • I kinda have a great senior as a friend. He said we would be doing a project together soon (on A.I in IDS . Topickae therika viduthu! )
  • My bro is coming from the US on 24th . Sandaipoda aal kaedachachu  🙂 🙂 .
  • My friends circle is wobbling nowadays. Its becoming more of a ellipse. ( This is not a technical ‘mokkai’ )
  • Independence day celebration in Neyveli : I was reluctant, initially, to go there but we were required to be as a family there and so I went. Know what? I was not that bad as I expected. There was a kutty-papa dance ( cho cute! Seriously. God I left my cam at home) and few other culturals and then a yoga demonstration by the All-India champion (hes from neyveli). I just couldnt believe we can be soooooooo flexible. No words to describe until you see those pics. I managed to get my hands on Rani’s cam and so will upload some of the photos soonenough. Then a fathers tug-of-war ( Man! I was afraid even to see that. 10 on each side pulling the other ten ). Then there was a Budget Rani competition for mothers and few other games and a drama ( Columbus Detective Agency ).
  • Met Deeptha of our class after 2 years and heres wat happened :

Me,Ran : Hi !

Deeptha : Hai .. how r u both ?

Me,Ran : Lifes great. How abt you ?

Deeptha : Ya fine..and How’s your placement prep? What project are you doing ?

Me,Ran (raised eyebrows) : …

Are all girls like this or only with our case huh? 90% of them cant control these question beyond the 3rd/4th line of conversation.

  • And more to follow…. If you feel am writing too much personal here and its boring – Sorry for the inconvenience, I just felt to blog these incidents.

~ by toolweb on August 16, 2008.

2 Responses to “Am back … But with a persona post :(”

  1. super da
    u didnt told abiut it to me na!!!

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