Fixing Bootloader Problem(s) – Part I

Ever faced a situation where your Windows gets corrupt in a dual-boot system?  Reluctant to re-install Windows in fear that you will lose your Favourite GNU/Linux? Well, here’s some common bootloader problem and it’s fixes.

I want to reinstall Windows in a dual-boot system without re-installing the GNU/Linux ( and The previous configuration was using GRUB to dual-boot ) :

  1. Go ahead and re-install your windows. Be wary not to make changes to your GNU/Linux partitions.
  2. Assuming your Windows boots fine, Insert the Live CD of your distribution and goto Terminal. ( In case Live Session is not available goto Rescue Mode )
  3. Type :
  4. $ grub

  5. Then type :
  6. $grub> root (hd0,x)

    where ‘x’ is your ‘/’ partition no.  Typically, you can easily find this, just press <TAB> after you finish typing upto “root (hd0,” . You will get a listing of the partition and their numbers. hd0 means the primary hard-disk, change this no. also if needed.

  7. Then to setup GRUB in the MBR , type :
  8. $grub> setup (hd0)

  9. And hurray! your boot problem has been fixed. This uses your previous “menu.lst” file in the (hd0,x)/boot/grub/ automatically.

I want to fix the Windows bootloader alone :

  1. Insert your Windows CD.
  2. Goto Rescue Mode.
  3. In the prompt type :
  4. C:\Windows>fixmbr

  5. Restart to find your Windows bootloader restored 🙂 .

~ by toolweb on August 17, 2008.

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