GRE Session 4

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23th August 2008, Saturday

gynaecologist – gynaecology – Adjective: gynaecological
obstetrician – Root: obstetrix (midwife-who stand infront of woman in labour to aid in delivery)

Suffix -ician means an expert

Medical Speciality Dealing with childbirth is “obstetrics” . Adjective: obstetric/obstetrical

paediatrician – paidos(child) + iatreia(medical healing) + ician(expert)

paediatrics – medical healing of child Adjective: paediatric
pedagogy – Root Derivation: paidos(child) + agogos(leading) – leading of child
Actual Meaning : principles and methods of teaching
Adjective: pedagogic/pedagogical
pedagogue – Root Derivation: one versed in pedagogy – teacher
– It deteriorated from its actual meaning to a “narrow-minded, strait-laced, old-fashioned, dogmatic teacher” nowadays.

demagogue – Root Derivation: agogos(leader) + demos(people) – leader of people
– Deteriorated to : one who misleads people, a politician who foments discontent among the masses, rousing them to fever pitch by wild oratory, in an attempt to be voted into office
– demagoguery. Adjective: demagogic

determatologist – specialist in dermatology – Adjective : dermatological
hypodermis – Root: hypo(under) – dermis(skin)
taxidermist – whose business is “taxidermy” prepares, stuffs, and mounts the skins of animals
pachyderm – animal with a thick skin
dermatitis – general name for any skin inflammation, irritation or infection

ophthalmologist – ophthalmos(eye) + logos(study) – Adjective : ophthalmologist
oculist – earlier name of ophthalmologist – Root : oculus(eye)
ocular – eye
monocle – a lens for one of the eye
binoculars – glasses that increase the range of two(bi-) eyes
inoculate – “When you are inoculated against a disease, an ‘eye’/puncture/hole is made in your skin through which serum is injected”
optomerist – are not doctors, and do not perform surgery or administer drugs; they measure vision, test for glaucoma and prescribe and fit glasses
opticians¬† – fall under two categories –
– ophthalmic opticians – perform the same functions as optometrists
– they fill in an optometrist’s description – grinding and fitting lenses according to specifications rather than observing patients

Root Derivations :
optometrist- opsis/optikos(sight/vision) + metron(measurement) – One who measures vision
opticians – opsis + icians – expert in optics
Adjective : optometric/optometrical/optical
pedis – foot – pedestal, pedal, pedestrian


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