Living the OpenSource Way …

Its been more than a week since I booted up Vista or Logged into G!Mail/G!Reader via the browser.

Its quite interesting to have this setup :


Firefox browser(default)

AmaroK (for audio)


Thunderbird with MinimizeToTray(for mail)

Liferea for feeds (the only feature I miss is syncing

Multi-Protocol Pidgin IM

WordWeb (which works almost flawless with Wine 1.0, Even sits in the system tray)

My BT Headset WORKING with a few button clicks !!! 🙂

And Two projects based on OpenSource – Partially completed Powerlink MN Redundancy, and an NetBeans Plugin which is moving slower than a crawl (Thanks to the ever so helpful and responsive NB forums :/ )


~ by toolweb on February 24, 2009.

One Response to “Living the OpenSource Way …”

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