The Celluloids

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On Fri, 08 May 2009 at , <> :

* Choose 12 films you’d want to run at famous theatre near where you live.

– Technically, There’s only 2 of them around here 😦

* Explain why you chose them however you want to.
* Link back to Lazy Eye theatre’s post.
* Tag 5 other people.

– The only one left in my list, Gundus (who would be busy doing his intern 🙂 ).

// Disclaimer: Not for the purists 🙂

If(you are restrictive about the number){


// Row1: Identity, Minnalae, The Departed
// Row2: Ocean’s 11, V for Vendetta, Pirates of the Caribbean
// Row3: The Illustionist, Rang De Basanti, The Bourne Trilogy
// Row4: Fight Club, Gladitor, A Beautiful Mind


else {


// Row1: The Count of Monte Cristo, Identity, 300, BloodDiamond, Bourne Trilogy, //AnbeSivam
// Row2: RangDeBasanti,,,Courage Under Fire,,.
// Row3: Saw,Pearl Harbour, The Prestige, Underworld, Ocean’s 11, Happy Days, //Kannathil Muthamital
// Row4: ,,,,Number 23,,.
// Row5: PiratesOfCaribbean,LOTR,The Departed, FightClub, KalHoNaHo
// Row6: HarryPotter,Swaders,,A Few Good Men, Minnale
// Row7: I Robot, Gladiator, Body Of Lies, The Matrix, A.I.
// Row8: V for Vendetta,,,A Beautiful Mind.
// Row9: Muthalvan, The GodFather I, The Illustionist, The Dark Knight.



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5 Responses to “The Celluloids”

  1. Great selection!
    except for Harry Potter n the Illusionist in the second row though..
    writing about movies makes u wanna see them all over again doesn’t it? :-/

  2. Ada paavi 😀 8 out of 12 a : )). Btw you have a lot of patience. So many pictures! :O

  3. whoa..*stunned*

    • Dai, Leaving out the mockery.. When you remain in your room for studies, I guess we(or atleast I) get all sorts of disinclinations. I bet you would watch atleast half your list again within the placement prep (subject to availability and Siddu ).

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