Efficiently yours, BSNL 500C+

Recently I changed my broadband plan from “Unlimited 256kbps (UL750)” to “500 C+”.

The reason would be obvious to anyone who’s using the plan herein Neyveli. The connection claiming 256kbps offered me a MAX download speed of 13kbps and quite often my old PC boot-up beats the loading of yahoo.com (NOT an exaggeration). If only there was a customer grievances cell, a effective one.

Leaving that aside, the new connection gives me a download speed of something around 45-100kbps safely vouching out as “upto 2Mbps” and with a toll of being limited (2am-8am being unlimited).

Used to never switching the ADSL modem off, both in Cbe and here, my usage already crossed something over 1GB in a single day though I remember putting the downloads only after 2am (fruitlessly staying awake till then 😦 it seemed). Googling around, heres the data:

1. BSNL records the total traffic from ADSL-“on” to ADSL-“off” and not based on time.

2. When the ADSL is “on” even before the free hours, the avg. traffic (per hr) is taken and adjusted acc’ly.

3. Imrans Broadband Helper Utility

Do this and you can effectively squeeze out of your free hours :

1. Schedule all your Download Managers and Torrent clients to start only at 2AM and remaining “paused” anytime between 8AM-around to-2AM.

2. After installing the Imrans Utility, just goto “Configure your Modem” and enter the IP of your ADSL modem/router, the name to “root” and leave all others unchanged.

@ : The name and password are not the same as that of the routers configuration page credentials.

The default for mine was U:”root” and Pass:”admin”; while someothers have U:”root” and Pass:”admin”

3. Click on start and check visually(check the lights) whether your modem gets off and then on.

4. (3) is of cardinal importance.

@ : The program might say reboot failed, but leave that out if (3) succeed.

5. Click “Save” to save it to “test.script” and then goto the installed directory and replace the contents of the existing “Broadband.script” with this.

6. Change the settings in this utility as needed, test the reboot process from this interface once and you are good to go.

All this, if you need to have the connection “always-on” rather than “on” just when you need to browse owing to your other needs. There’s one other program “ShajulΒ  DataOne Manger” for the people with “Connect using Broadband which requires username and password” setup ( Typically, you need to click-dial rather than just have your modem “on” to start browsing) setup.

Successfully running for 4 days now without having to sleep late πŸ™‚ and DO check the DataOne portal for ur limit to keep an eye, just in case πŸ˜›

P.S : For all those who thought the ADSL modem/router was just a thingy with a On/Off button, welcome to BusyBox.

A drop from the ocean: This utility telnets to your thingy, logs in with the username and password and issues a “reboot” command. You can try this out by issuing “telnet ip-of-ur-modem” and auth-ing in and giving “help” to see various commands possible, but please proceed with atmost caution as your experiments may make your device faulty.


~ by toolweb on June 10, 2009.

5 Responses to “Efficiently yours, BSNL 500C+”

  1. Welcome to my world :D. Keep very close eye on the limit da. One day I stopped download at 8:01 and it accounted from 7:15 to 8:01 as used. 400 or so MB ambel. 😐

    Imran’s utility eh? I’ll try

    • πŸ™‚
      Ya, the damn limit.. Luckily I checked on soon else gaali than πŸ™‚
      And Dei, the software is working pretty well.. Reboots your modem 3 times just after 2am and just before 8am to avoid cases like u said πŸ™‚

  2. hey.. great. i strongly agree with the speed part. the 500 plan is ulti.. btw howz ur GRE prep.. come online sometime…

  3. hey guys juss wanna know wat is the download limit for this BSNL plan in case i m only downloading between 2 pm to 8 am

    • Hi,
      This is a Night Unlimited plan and therefore anything you download between 2 AM to 8 AM wouldn’t be accounted into.

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