A bit of Web-programming…

So long since kruZade…
Something to connect all batches… (though minimalistic)

Alumni CMS – Web Portal (extended from Family Connections)

What’s been done?
-> Customized to fit for our purpose.
-> Added few, disabled few,removed many.
-> Clumsy logo replacement (but am least interested in it right now).

What’s on -dev?

-> Connectivity to G! Apps and integrating it with home page. (Currently the RSS-subscribe may facilitate listening to new posts but not fully fledged like integrating a mailing list)

-> New feature requests.

I have hosted my mod of the FCMS @ http://toolweb.freehostia.com/psgcse/


  • Register and Try. (For now every registering account is pre-activated without e-mail verification due to limitation of the free host and due to other obvious actions)
  • UName: Temp        Password: (my batch name)
  • UName: Temp1      Password: (immediate senior’s batch)
  • UName: Temp2      Password: (my super senior’s batch name)

Password are all lowercase(s).

It would be much appreciated if you could try this out and comment/report any errors/bugs found due or any purposeful additional feature.


~ by toolweb on August 24, 2009.

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