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After working for more than 2hrs converting things to serializable objects, you could end up finding that you cant serialize more than one object instances in a single file. :/

P.S. You could also learn that you can do it by subclassing and overriding the ObjectOutputStream (and end up where?)


Efficiently yours, BSNL 500C+

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Recently I changed my broadband plan from “Unlimited 256kbps (UL750)” to “500 C+”.

The reason would be obvious to anyone who’s using the plan herein Neyveli. The connection claiming 256kbps offered me a MAX download speed of 13kbps and quite often my old PC boot-up beats the loading of yahoo.com (NOT an exaggeration). If only there was a customer grievances cell, a effective one.

Leaving that aside, the new connection gives me a download speed of something around 45-100kbps safely vouching out as “upto 2Mbps” and with a toll of being limited (2am-8am being unlimited).

Used to never switching the ADSL modem off, both in Cbe and here, my usage already crossed something over 1GB in a single day though I remember putting the downloads only after 2am (fruitlessly staying awake till then 😦 it seemed). Googling around, heres the data:

1. BSNL records the total traffic from ADSL-“on” to ADSL-“off” and not based on time.

2. When the ADSL is “on” even before the free hours, the avg. traffic (per hr) is taken and adjusted acc’ly.

3. Imrans Broadband Helper Utility

Do this and you can effectively squeeze out of your free hours :

1. Schedule all your Download Managers and Torrent clients to start only at 2AM and remaining “paused” anytime between 8AM-around to-2AM.

2. After installing the Imrans Utility, just goto “Configure your Modem” and enter the IP of your ADSL modem/router, the name to “root” and leave all others unchanged.

@ : The name and password are not the same as that of the routers configuration page credentials.

The default for mine was U:”root” and Pass:”admin”; while someothers have U:”root” and Pass:”admin”

3. Click on start and check visually(check the lights) whether your modem gets off and then on.

4. (3) is of cardinal importance.

@ : The program might say reboot failed, but leave that out if (3) succeed.

5. Click “Save” to save it to “test.script” and then goto the installed directory and replace the contents of the existing “Broadband.script” with this.

6. Change the settings in this utility as needed, test the reboot process from this interface once and you are good to go.

All this, if you need to have the connection “always-on” rather than “on” just when you need to browse owing to your other needs. There’s one other program “Shajul  DataOne Manger” for the people with “Connect using Broadband which requires username and password” setup ( Typically, you need to click-dial rather than just have your modem “on” to start browsing) setup.

Successfully running for 4 days now without having to sleep late 🙂 and DO check the DataOne portal for ur limit to keep an eye, just in case 😛

P.S : For all those who thought the ADSL modem/router was just a thingy with a On/Off button, welcome to BusyBox.

A drop from the ocean: This utility telnets to your thingy, logs in with the username and password and issues a “reboot” command. You can try this out by issuing “telnet ip-of-ur-modem” and auth-ing in and giving “help” to see various commands possible, but please proceed with atmost caution as your experiments may make your device faulty.

The Celluloids

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Subject: Tagged by Ryan A. Nash

On Fri, 08 May 2009 at , <http://lifeslikezat.blogspot.com> :

* Choose 12 films you’d want to run at famous theatre near where you live.

– Technically, There’s only 2 of them around here 😦

* Explain why you chose them however you want to.
* Link back to Lazy Eye theatre’s post.
* Tag 5 other people.

– The only one left in my list, Gundus (who would be busy doing his intern 🙂 ).

// Disclaimer: Not for the purists 🙂

If(you are restrictive about the number){


// Row1: Identity, Minnalae, The Departed
// Row2: Ocean’s 11, V for Vendetta, Pirates of the Caribbean
// Row3: The Illustionist, Rang De Basanti, The Bourne Trilogy
// Row4: Fight Club, Gladitor, A Beautiful Mind


else {


// Row1: The Count of Monte Cristo, Identity, 300, BloodDiamond, Bourne Trilogy, //AnbeSivam
// Row2: RangDeBasanti,,,Courage Under Fire,,.
// Row3: Saw,Pearl Harbour, The Prestige, Underworld, Ocean’s 11, Happy Days, //Kannathil Muthamital
// Row4: ,,,,Number 23,,.
// Row5: PiratesOfCaribbean,LOTR,The Departed, FightClub, KalHoNaHo
// Row6: HarryPotter,Swaders,,A Few Good Men, Minnale
// Row7: I Robot, Gladiator, Body Of Lies, The Matrix, A.I.
// Row8: V for Vendetta,,,A Beautiful Mind.
// Row9: Muthalvan, The GodFather I, The Illustionist, The Dark Knight.



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I dual-booted my iPod Nano, installing an opensource jukebox software “RockBox”.

Well what you learn, At times proprietary software does outperform FOSS. Especially when the proprietary maker is Apple Inc.

I messed up my Semesters.

I would like to thank the security who had secured my vehicle key when I left it in the trigger itself half-minded, in exchange for a slice of cake 🙂 .

This is what happens when they have a monopoly :

You fire a cook and she challenges that she wouldn’t allow any other cook to be employed.

You temporarily relieve a dhobi and he threatens he wouldn’t resume if not paid for the non-working months too.

The intensity of ivory poaching can be felt only when you see the tusks missing (even) in an elephant craft you receive as a gift.


Cost Of Living For a Semi-DayScholar – Cbe : (Per Capita Costs)

Broadband: 320rs    Rent: 1600rs    Food: 4000rs    Electricity: 150rs

Metro Water: 30rs    Drinking Water: 450rs    Petrol: 400rs    Maid: 100rs

Milk: 70rs    Paper: 20rs   Dhobi: 150rs Salary + 100rs Avg. For Ironing

Other General: 300-400rs

Roughly:  7800rs  p.m And Yet They Say We Are Economical.

Strangely, I like (2) more than (1), if you are astute enough note the difference 😉 and I type them faster too.

Coroner: It’s you, isn’t it? You’ve come to kill me.

V: Yes.

Coroner: Oppenheimer was able to change more than the course of a war. He changed the entire course of human history. Is it wrong to hold on to that kind of hope?

V: I’ve not come for what you hoped to do. I’ve come for what you did.

Delia: It’s funny. I was given one of your roses today. I wasn’t sure you were the terrorist until I saw it. What a strange coincidence that I should be given one today.

V: There are no coincidences, Delia. Only the illusion of coincidence. I have another rose, and this one is for you.

Coroner: Thank you. Is it meaningless to apologize?

V: Never.

Delia: I’m so sorry. [dies]

“Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

“Conceal me what I am, and be my aid
For such disguise as haply shall become
The form of my intent.”

I am unable (still!) to delineate my plans for the future and their means.

T – 10 months Remaining.

Just to make it easy …

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Ok, Not your life just your experience 🙂

I would like to dedicate this post to these cuties :

FireFox Addons: XMarks, Sxipper, ReadItLater, Ubiquity, StumbleUpon (Original Site: http://www.stumbleupon.com)

Application Launcher: Launchy

Their sites provide a way better display of their features, So I refrain myself to just making a note about each.

XMarks+Sxipper :

The first one is a Bookmarks+Password synchronizer and later is a password manager. Their combination keeps all my account and other details secure and synchronized across various PCs, and platforms#1.

I came across both these while searching for a way to keep my Firefox bookmarks and passwords synchronized between my Ubuntu and Windows, and remain addicted still.

Sxipper is not just-another-password-manager. Two things I like about this one:

(1) It displays remembered passwords as overlays and does not fill-in automatically. Multiple logons for the same site is possible and the list is dynamic based on the number of successful logons for each account.

(2) While registering for new account, the form gets populated with my details (with a click ofcourse!) and the password field is filled with a random password and my work gets reduced to just remembering that I registered in that site 🙂

While all this happens locally, XMarks keeps them in-sync online so that things like #1 seamless.

(1) XMarks marks changes dynamically as they happen and keeps them synchronized.

(2) The password are maintained online with an extra level of encryption(atleast thats what they claim) with a seperate PIN (for passwords alone).

I didnt get to use the SiteInfo and Recommendations feature of XMarks effectively, yet.

A special note to those who care about privacy, You can set Firefox’s Master Password to prevent Sxipper filling in passwords unless provided with the Master password.

ReadItLater: It does what it claims to do – For links that you want to note for a single read later.

Again, The items it store are “Unsorted Bookmarks” which gets managed by XMarks 🙂

StumbleUpon: When you are not up to something, this one gets you to some interesting sites 🙂



Forgot to bookmark few others I saw 🙂

These I would like to personally recommend to my fat, lazy, proud friends 🙂 :


Ubiquity (please try) : A bold step towards context-sensitive web.

Invoke Ubiquity with the shortcut key of your choice and talk to it. It will do whatever it can within its installed commands.


1. Select any portion of text in a webpage, invoke Ubiquity and type in “mail to xx@xx.com” (while you are signed in to G!Mail) and a new mail will be composed with the selected text quoted along with the site.

2. Select any text and type in highlight to highlight it. Followed by a “save” to save.

3. “imdb filmname” gets to the film’s page in imdb.org, “wiki topic”

4. “define” for meanings, “calculate” for builtin calculator.

5. Many more 🙂 Please see : Getting Started


Launchy: Both for Windows and Linux

Thats how you do things, in the browser. For those who like to play with a multitude of applications, Launchy is here.

Press Ctrl + Enter to bring up launchy and type in the program name to launch. Plugins add extra functionality and this is another must try.


These are my selections 🙂 If you have any other cool ones, do comment upon.

*Sorry for improper images. My OS is currently bare 🙂

Blank TO field – How?

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This probably might or might not be germane, but …

Most of us probably known how to send an email with a custom “From” field but how about this?


I would really like to know how this gets delivered to the right recipient 🙂

@Hari, Have any idea eh?

Ibex : Projector + Compiz = Disabled Desktop Effects

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Funny things get solved in funny ways 🙂

I had connected a projector to my laptop and surprisingly it recognized it without the usual linux-fuss 🙂 .

The next day though, my desktop effects were disabled and I got some errors while trying to enable them. Googling led me to this working solution.

Problem : Desktop effects were running properly before connecting a projector and now it doesn’t, and couldnt enable them.

Solution :

  1. Open Terminal
  2. Goto /etc/X11
  3. Type “ls xorg.*” (without quotes) and you will see two files : the original xorg.conf and a xorg.conf.numbers (eg: xorg.conf.20090307091828 )
  4. Take a backup of the current file : “mv xorg.conf xorg.conf.myBackup”
  5. Replace the other file as original : “cp xorg.conf.numbers xorg.conf”
  6. Reboot
  7. Try enabling Desktop Effects.

I don’t know the technicalities of the problem but this one did get my Desktop Effects enabled 🙂 .

A Note about WebSmith@Kriya ’09 :

Out of the 8 finalists, five of them were dumb or either thought we were dumb when they made their presentations. One ignorant freak even remarked  “Conduct the event for UG students and not for web professionals”.

Finally, We had to balance between Creativity-Originality (NITT) Vs Assemblage-Functionality(SASTRA) for the prizes. At the end of the day, functionality is what that matters and so Team SASTRA was given the first and the team from NITT the second place.

Cgts 🙂

First Prize : Prasanth Bhusan Singh and Team, SASTRA

Second Prize : Murali K. and Team, NITT