Shiretoko – Making it the default in Jaunty

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Installing Shiretoko (Firefox 3.5)Β  : Just use Synaptic and it’s done.

The menu inside Shiretoko for setting it as default doesn’t seem to work. So,

  1. Goto System>Preferences>Preferred Applications
  2. Instead of Firefox, Choose “Custom” in the drop-down box in the “Internet” tab
  3. And modify the “Command” box to read “firefox-3.5 %s” instead of “firefox %s”

But I do like to call Firefox as Firefox πŸ˜€


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There are so much things I would like to do now, So much things I would like to learn; But end up doing nothing pondering over “What to do?” 😦

A bit of Web-programming…

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So long since kruZade…
Something to connect all batches… (though minimalistic)

Alumni CMS – Web Portal (extended from Family Connections)

What’s been done?
-> Customized to fit for our purpose.
-> Added few, disabled few,removed many.
-> Clumsy logo replacement (but am least interested in it right now).

What’s on -dev?

-> Connectivity to G! Apps and integrating it with home page. (Currently the RSS-subscribe may facilitate listening to new posts but not fully fledged like integrating a mailing list)

-> New feature requests.

I have hosted my mod of the FCMS @


  • Register and Try. (For now every registering account is pre-activated without e-mail verification due to limitation of the free host and due to other obvious actions)
  • UName: TempΒ Β Β Β Β Β Β  Password: (my batch name)
  • UName: Temp1Β Β Β Β Β  Password: (immediate senior’s batch)
  • UName: Temp2Β Β Β Β Β  Password: (my super senior’s batch name)

Password are all lowercase(s).

It would be much appreciated if you could try this out and comment/report any errors/bugs found due or any purposeful additional feature.

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First and last on-time friendship day meet during college years, Wow πŸ™‚

Not for the faint-hearted…

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Update : Chrome used only around 50MB in the same scenario and the execution is also much faster.

This is with only two tabs open :

1) Facebook homepage

2) Facebook App : MafiaWars, which I was playing when I noticed my box dragged even with 3 gigs of memory to find this :


(thats firefox.exe12,35,000 K)

My specs: Firefox 3.5.1, Windows 7 RC

Any diagnostics welcome πŸ™‚

Tweet, tweet, tweet …

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Well, Previously it was leaving scraps to long gone friends.. Then with apps and game with them .. Now the time frame shrunk further…

Catch me @

Seems fun but perhaps this would be meaningful only if u have a bunch of share-alike. So updates pending πŸ™‚

And dont forget to get your add-ons for it at :

mm.. GRE

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Yup.. That’s one big step in my Path to the U.S scoring 1310 ( 790Q and 520V ).

Ok, I know these scores are not great, not even good I guess..

Post-GRE Comments from in-and-around ranged from “Why so low?” to “Treat machi!!”; Though I remained stoic to either of these filled with my own apprehensiveness and enthusiasms.

My GRE Week :

I took a week off from college (A big relief from my Be-Before-The-Right-Time lifestyle). Threw away Barrons as I literally got mad and shortlisted my own 1500 words that I finalized to read and revise…

I managed to scored in range of 650-700 in my Verbal adaptive tests but couldn’t make above 700 range in the Quants adaptive test (Contrary to what happens in the individual sessions where I score near full in Q and somewhere decently in V)

Four days went by and I wasn’t able to even digest it passed so fast.

The next exciting thing was the drive to Madras.. Started driving somewhere in the early morning caught the NH, Absolutely ecstatic drive. Dad fell asleep and to my greatest surprise (and delight πŸ™‚ ) Mom too. Mom never let “me” drive beyond 60 kmph. Now I had all the time to test drive our car and I reached around 160kmph above which my conscience did not allow me.


Mom had woke up and there was some serious discussion on who was to resume driving πŸ™‚ Dad always vouched for me; This time too πŸ™‚

On the Day of the GRE:

Reached the centre an hour and half earlier..Β  But was already beaten by two other girl who had come with their whole luggage lot. Barrons in both their hands and nervous page-turns, Damn.. Half hour passed and two others came, Girls with book again. Worser than that, All four were friends it seemed.

We were given our locker keys and just before we entered the waiting lounge, I was joined by two Just-Made-It-On-Time Guys πŸ™‚

We were made to sign confidentiality forms and others. Absolutely nothing was allowed inside other than IDs/Proofs (Not even your handkerchief :\ ).

We were escorted to our respective cubicles. The computer sprang alive and I read the instructions on “How to use the Mouse?” and crap as though I was new to a non-living mouse.

I faced the University selection screen and filled in the details of one of the Univ. and hoping to fill for the next Univ. had impatiently clicked “Next” which took me to another instruction screen with no “Back” button. Felt I screwed even the Univ. selection screen where I was allowed to enter upto 4 Univ.

With that, The Analytical Section began as it always does.

Was faced with a couple of topics. ( @Brinda: One of the topic was what u wrote ur essay on πŸ™‚ )

40min passed by and the screen was flooded with enough words to sate me.

The Argument topic was also pretty straight forward and finished it in another 25min.

10-min break *- Which I nervously took to enquire Whether there was any possibility I can fill in another 3 institutions. “Didnt u read the instructions?” was the reply. I apparently had missed out on the part of instructions which said that was a simulation and that the real Univ. selection would appear only at the end.

Pencils ready, I Clicked the “Next” with a “?” of whether I would be facing the Quants or Verbal or the hideous Experimental section.

First came the Q .. I took 7min to answer the first two questions. Checking and re-checking to see if the answer was right. Something struck down deep on my confidence part for the first 10min. Passing through the rest of the Q section, I was not sure of 3-4 questions. Finished Quants and then came the mighty Verbal.. Something was weird.. I had known most of the words in the analogy, SC, antonyms (unlike the usual). Was confident enough to finish up the verbal 10mins in advance.

Thank god the experimental section was at the last and it clearly pronounced itself as “Not counting for the score”. The experimental was yet another Analytical section πŸ™‚ This time also it was fairly simple and managed to essay a decent population of words in 20min. Finished it.

The Ultimatum:

“Do you want your score to be evaluated?”

– I didnt do Q well, not well enough for 800.

– V was decent and I pretty sure of 600 at the least.

– If Q didn’t go well for a Engg. stud, It might be a lasting stigma.

– Should 6.6k (and a week’s leave) be wasted on something without any result? Probably Not and so proceeded to evaluate my answers.

Voila! Q was 790 and V was 520. Something had seriously meddled with my fate.

Came out and was waiting in the lounge to fill out some extra crap. Had a chance to peek on scores of three who left earlier than. 900, 1080, 970. Ok, So mine was decent eh? πŸ™‚ One another thing “English-layae paesindu erukura ponnukum GRE easy-a erukanumnu avasiyam elai!”

Well, Thats for about the GRE part. Still am wavering about whether to re-write? Could I score better?

No idea.. As always “Time will say” πŸ™‚

I know this post is filled with broken flow of sentences, perhaps it reflect more than it should.